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Lay Your Hands Across The Six String

Fans of Melanie Safka
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She's won a Grammy, an Emmy, scores of top female vocalist awards, and the hearts of millions from Woodstock to Albert Hall. Over her long career, Melanie has recorded over 25 albums and sold millions of records.

During her lifetime, Melanie has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments. More impressive, however, is the fact that she did it without sacrificing her personal integrety. She was the first contemporary solo artist to play Carnagie Hall, the Met, the Sydney Opera House, and for the United Nations General Assembly. While Melanie persued her career, she also contributed time and energy for a while as the chief spokesperson for UNICEF.

Melanie's voice is a powerful instrument, and she sings with a unique passion and intensity. Her lyrics are thoughtful, and sometimes mysterious. Her melodies are often beautiful beyond description. Her style is captivating. In all the world of music, there is no one else like her.

-Melanie's Place

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